About Us

Leslie RobertsonWe work with some of the world’s leading organisations, helping them communicate with the audiences that matter most – employees, customers, business partners and shareholders. Our wide-ranging experience across healthcare, pharmaceutical and financial services means we understand compliance and the needs of different sectors.

We have supported conferences and events globally across five continents, overcoming language barriers, on-site technical limitations and other issues.

Our aim is simple
– to combine consultancy and technology to help get your message across, no matter what you want to say, who you want to talk to, or where you want to speak.

Open Audience was set up in 2015 by Chief Executive and audience engagement expert Leslie Robertson. Leslie has held a number of senior leadership roles in events management, healthcare, operational effectiveness and engagement change programmes. Prior to setting up Open Audience he was managing director for a technology company specialising in providing technology for events. It was there Leslie saw a gap between the type of technology being offered, and specialist expertise and advice on audience engagement.

A true innovator, Leslie is constantly exploring ways technology can help create better audience participation at events and how with better event design delegates can become true participants.

After working closely with leading developers based in the USA, Leslie developed technological solutions aimed at increasing audience engagement and providing audience insights and data.

Unlike many technical organisations aimed at audience engagement, Open Audience combines technology with consultancy and creates a bespoke plan that is determined solely by the client’s aims and objectives.

When not at his desk, Leslie can be found working with a team of neurophysiologists on developing an app that can generate the real-time engagement levels of an audience and feed them directly back to the presenter. And that’s just to relax!